"Everything else can wait, but your search for God cannot wait."
-Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda

Welcome to the Madison Meditation Circle of Self-Realization Fellowship!

The Madison Meditation Circle is a branch of Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), a worldwide religious movement with headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

The purpose of SRF is to disseminate a knowledge of definite scientific techniques for attaining direct personal experience of God. Self-Realization Fellowship is dedicated to promoting a greater understanding and harmony among the world’s various religions by teaching the fundamental principle of religion: how to commune personally with God. The prime purpose of SRF Temples, Centers, Meditation Groups and Circles is to bring devotees together to seek God.

The timeless, scientific methods of yoga meditation taught by Paramahansa Yogananda, Author of the spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi, enable one to rediscover, by direct personal experience, the universal consciousness of God that dwells within. Each week, the Madison Meditation Circle of Self-Realization Fellowship meets for inspirational services that focus on meditation and spiritual ideals for everyday living. By applying these principles, you can create a life of lasting happiness and harmony in body, mind, and soul.

Instructions on how to meditate are contained in the Self-Realization Fellowship Lessons, which can be obtained from the Mother Center of SRF.

Upcoming Events

Our all day Christmas Meditation service will be held on Saturday, December 17th 2016, at the Day's Inn Madison.
The time is from 9 A.M. until 4 P.M.
There will be a half-hour break at 12:30, and a brief break at 3:00
If you can only attend half of the meditation, it should be the morning half.
The Day's Inn is located at: 4420 East Broadway Service Road, Madison, WI 53716
Telephone: (608) 223-1800.
Day's Inn Website: Day's Inn Madison

Google Maps to the Day's Inn

Please note that the service on Christmas Day, Sunday, December 25, will be cancelled.

The Birthday Commemorative service for Paramahansa Yogananda's birthday will be on Thursday, January 5th, from 6:00 until 7:30 PM.
        Please bring a flower and donation to this special service.

The annual 6-hour meditation service for the Paramahansa Yogananda will be on January 7th, at the Bedford Street location.
        The time is from 9 A.M. until 3 P.M., with a break at noon.
        This will be held at our regular Bedford St. location.

Weekly Services

There are two services held each week, and special services at times throughout the year.

The Sunday Morning Meditation Service begin at 8:00 am and concludes at 11:00 am.

The Thursday Evening Readings Service begin at 6:00 PM and concludes at 7:30 PM

The Schedule page lists topics presented at the weekly services


If you have any questions, please email the Corresponding Secretary at madison.wi.srf@gmail.com

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